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Wednesday Night (detail).jpg

Wednesday Night 2018

Tinted mirrored glass, blown glass, marble, granite, birch plywood, polymer compound, pigments, adhesive, nylon flock, bronze, horse hair, light fittings

214 x 118 x 7 cm

Wednesday Night.jpg
Hurricane Sidecar.jpg
Hurricane Sidecar (detail2).jpg

Hurricane Sidecar 2018

Powder coated steel, stainless steel, foam, polymer compound, pigments, resin, crushed glass, birch plywood, sheep skin, upholstery, brass, marble, granite, adhesive, nylon flock, light fittings

245 x 78 x 50 cm  

Hurricane Sidecar (detail3).jpg
Fruiting Desert Lamp.jpg

Fruiting Desert Lamp 2018

Stainless steel, foam, polymer compound, resin, pigments, adhesive, nylon flock, crushed glass, light fittings

209 x 150 x 38 cm

Fruiting Desert Lamp (detail).jpg
Moloko (back).jpg

Moloko 2018

Powder coated steel, stainless steel, birch plywood, foiled pig skin, cow hide, racoon fur, goat skin, upholstery 

90 x 66 x 58 cm

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